• Dr. Rachamim Melamed Cohen

melamed-cohenA person who is of a particular inspiration to Josh is a man called Dr. Rachamim Melamed Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a person with A.L.S Disease and is unable to move any part of his body except his eyes. Using a special program called EyeTech Digital System, Dr. Cohen is able to communicate with everyone.
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• Marci Lebowitz “How Not-So-Verbal Autistic Children Communicate”

not-so-verbal-meme“The most beautiful exchanges I’ve witnessed have been between not-so-verbal children and their parents. There is a belief that many autistic children do not want to communicate or socialise, but my experience has been much the opposite. These children have an extreme desire to communicate, but their motor challenges and sensitivity to their environment often block their ability to verbalise. Their nonverbal communication can be much more subtle and refined, but perfectly clear if you know what to look for. (…)”
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