“My ideal teacher would have great awareness of my needs. I would like them to be organised and patient. I want to meet my classmates before joining the class. I would say that I am an individual who thinks he is important. I feel that I am important because I have so much happiness. I would like to have the Jewish Torah in the room. I would like to have a computer.”

  • Higashi  (1997-2002)

   Located in Boston, Massechusetts, Highashi is a school with a mission is to help children and young adults with 4626705132Autism Spectrum Disorder learn to reach their full potential through the methodology of Daily Life Therapy. This unique educational philosophy developed by the late Dr. Kiyo Kitahara of Tokyo, Japan incorporates a broad and balanced curriculum, including academics, art, music, physical education, technology, and social education. Students take on challenges, learn to overcome obstacles, and gain confidence from their own success. This approach allows our students to develop a love for learning so they may fully enjoy their family, community, and all that life has to offer.


  •  Marian Stanton & Ken Pearson  (2002-2006)

  Ken Pearson taught Jehoshua Refoel a broad range of secular subjects in his own unique style. Marion Stanton taught his team 4626705159how to support his facilitated communication (F.C.) and differentiated his curriculum so that F.C. could be used in this context.


  • Bolton University  (2012-2013)

   Located in Bolton, Greater 4626705208_273x201Manchester, England. It has approximately 14,000 students across all sites and courses, with 700 academic and professional staff. The university operates on a Equality Scheme designed to assist managers to review their services and to remove barriers that may be attitudinal, informational, environmental, organisational or cultural.